Besides welding various types of steel and aluminium, we mostly focus on stainless steel welding. We employ qualified welders with certification pursuant to European standards. We most frequently use the MIG/MAG  and TIG/WIG methods.

In 2015, we purchased a press brake, which allows us to bend and then weld our own structures and frames. We can thus offer customers the production of various bent and welded structures according to their requirements, e.g., a sheet metal machine frame.

The TIG Method

The TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding technology concerns electric arc welding using a non-melting electrode and an inert gas protective atmosphere. The electrode is exposed to extreme temperatures during welding, thus it is necessary that it is made of a resistant material. For this reason, tungsten electrodes are used. The TIG method is also known as WIG welding - it is an identical method. The main advantage of the TIG method is the precision and high control over the weld bath. TIG welding is used mainly for welding steel. This method is used when welding: thin joints and materials of complex and smaller welded structures of high quality metals, boiler pipes in energy, etc.

The MIG Method

This is semi-automatic arc welding of metals in a protective atmosphere of inert gases - the MIG abbreviation comes from the English “metal inert gas”. MIG welding is utilised especially for welding aluminium and light metals in general. Argon or its mixture with helium is most frequently used as the inert gas for MIG welding. Besides welding aluminium, this method will also find its application when welding copper (including alloys - especially bronze) and titanium.


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