The TIG Method

Our company also provides CNC cutting using a water beam. This is a modern, high-quality and ecological method of machining a wide range of materials. The high-pressure equipment enables water to be compressed to up to 4,150 bar, then an abrasive material is added to the water stream in the mixing chamber and this mixture is forced through a nozzle with an internal diameter of one millimetre. The water beam created in this way then has sufficient energy to perform cuts even in materials of very high strength as well as in very soft, fragile, and tough materials. The beam’s movement on the coordinate table is controlled by a computer, which allows for very high precision and repeatability of shape cuts.

We cut materials in thicknesses from 0.1 mm to 400 mm and maximum semi-finished product dimensions of 4,000 mm x 2,000 mm.

We implement the jobs on time and at favourable prices. Products cut with our water beam will find application in engineering, civil engineering, advertising, electrical equipment, light industry, and many other sectors.

CNC high pressure cutting table PTV WJ4020-1Z-UJ-PJ-5AX

Advantages of Water Beam Cutting


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